Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Moved!

I recently moved from the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, and so my blog has moved as well. Since I'm no longer in Vegas I decided to start a new blog for my new adventures in Arizona. You can now find me at
A Whimsical Flea Market!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queen Baby Jewelry

About a month ago Troy bought me a Queen Baby necklace.
I had never heard of them & was curious what their other items were like,
so I did a quick search and found out they have two lines,
one for men, King Baby, which I think was the original line,
and one for women, Queen Baby.

While browsing the web I came across this super cool video!

Rock 'n Roll, Chopper Rides & Jewelry Making,
doesn't get much sweeter than this!

You can buy either line here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BikeFest '09

Last weekend I went to BikeFest.
I could hardly believe it, they had a bike fit for BlingGirl!!!
The bike, helmet & licence plate were all covered in Swarovski crystals!!!

This one was pretty cool too,
painted in BlingGirl colors!

I think this was my favorite bike...chopper!
Love the colors & that it's a chopper!

Right as we were about to leave, this helmet jumped out at me.
A skull & crossbones with a bright pink bow in her pigtails!
Love it!

Later that night we went downtown with some friends to NYNY Casino to the Dueling Piano Bar, one of our friends thought he was a photographer that night...but we ended up with some fun pics of Troy & I.
I have so much fun with him, I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Visted By MY Auntie M

I am known to my nieces as Auntie M, but I also have an Auntie M of my own! Mariann came and spent four days with me this past weekend. She came bearing gifts, it was like Christmas! She made me this sweet button flower bouquet, I'm one of the luckiest girls ever, I just LoVe it!

Thursday night we went to dinner with Troy & Tanya (Troy's sister who also happened to be in town) to RA, a sushi bar downtown. It was Mariann's first time to eat sushi & she loved all of it expect the eel.

Friday we went to see Karen, The Button Lady, we got to dig through her bins & bins of buttons! This is Mariann going through her favorite, shell buttons! We had a great time.

Later that night we got to go see Dat Phan at The Improv Comedy Club, another first for Mariann, it was a great show!

Saturday we went to see Carole, aka, The Ribbon Lady, we got some yummy treats & learned how to make ribbon roses!!!

We went to Bellagio for dinner and walked through the atrium, they've got it decorated for fall, it was beautiful. They had a miniature display of the Bellagio complete with the fountains, huge 800+ pound pumpkins, a giant scarecrow with crying tress, a giant leaf fountain, a talking tree & a giant tree gnome. The glass leaves were beautiful, when looking up at them they gave the illusion that they were falling.

On Sunday we decided to make something, I made the creepy pumpkin guy and Mariann made the cute stacked pumpkins, they are really small, only about 2" tall & 1.25" wide. Mariann also made a broach & then tied a ribbon around the bottle and pined it on ~ two for one ~ Broach & Fall Decor! How cleaver!

I had a super fun weekend and can't wait till our next visit!
Love you Mariann!